V International Workshop on Rational Use of Medicines
III Worknowledge of Evidence-Informed Policy
III Symposium ISPE BrazInt RIG
I Symposium of ISPE Brazilian Student Chapters

March 1st to 5th, 2021



Come participate in our post-event activitie that will take place on Mach 09th.

The is free activitie, just register for them and participate!

About the post-event:

Workshop: Applying the GRADE-CERQual approach to assess confidence in the findings of a qualitative evidence synthesis

Be capable of identifying a Qualitative Evidence Synthesis
- Understand why qualitative evidence is needed in a decision-making context
- Understand what GRADE-CERQual is, and what it is for (and not for)
- Learn about how to assess each GRADE-CERQual component (methodological limitations, coherence, adequacy of data, and relevance) and make an overall GRADE-CERQual assessment of confidence
- Get some hands-on experience assessing 2 of the 4 components in small group work using the new GRADE-CERQual interactive Summary of Qualitative Findings tool (iSoQ -beta version)
- Gain practical skills and best practices for applying GRADE-CERQual and avoiding common pitfalls.

Megan Wainwright, PhD (Durham University, UK)
Luciane Cruz Lopes, PhD (Uniso, Brazil)


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